Welcome to our Inspirations Page!  We have been having so much fun performing random acts of kindness!  Check out our suggestion list and photo gallery for ideas on how you can make a difference too.

We need your help! Click here to download your Littlest Change kindness tags to include with your good deeds. 

Kids Care Program

Kids can make big changes in peoples lives through small acts of kindness. Help a neighbor, pick up trash, or thank the mailman! Use your imagination!

This is a great activity for classrooms, troops, or other social groups. We are happy to provide Littlest Change kindness tags to be attached to good deeds done. We would be interested in posting the children's photographs of their deeds on our website. Our experience is that kids feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride in sharing the wonderful acts they have done and we’re excited to share their great work for others to see and hopefully replicate. We are very sensitive to the privacy of the children and would be careful to only list their first name and grade or age with the wonderful act of kindness they have performed.

Business Partnership Program

We are looking to partner with businesses by helping to pay it forward in the community. Please add our tag to a free sample or offer a discount to an unsuspecting potential customer. Take a picture of the tag and your deed and email it to us at We will post your photo with your store information on our website. Your generosity will not only brighten someone’s day but it will promote your business as one that cares about the community.

The Littlest Change has also coordinated larger community gifts. It is a great way to showcase your products and make a great impression to residents. Contact us to find out how you can become a Littlest Change partner.

If you would like to sell our Littlest Change merchandise, please check out our Retail Page.